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HST International Toys gives a complete and a comprehensive solution to all of a countries RC market needs.

For over 18 years HST International Toys has built and offered a variety of high-quality RC (Remote-Control) toys for the international market. We build remote-control cars, speed racers, helicopters, sky drones, and much more at the most competitive prices and packaged that showcases the products to make customers want to buy!
Additionally, when you order our products, you are getting an entire “watch & play” system which includes a loop DVD playing on your floor display.
When you work with us, you are getting the hottest and latest RC products in the market and a partner that can supply these items to your store hassle-free. All of our items are built to last, which means less returns, happier customers and more profits for your business.
Contact us today to learn more about our pricing and program .

AT HST-RC, we are particularly interested in pursuing partnerships that align with our business strategies and our organizational vision.
Please contact us to provide more information about your company, its mission, vision, values, and unique merit to your markets to become part of our brands success.


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